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First, the application process Products
(1) confirm that you want the agent of the brand or product (brand or product details you can contact with the person in charge of the brand or product associated with the decision)
(2) Download and fill out the application form and submit the proxy to the person responsible for the associated (by fax or e-mail)
Relevant qualifications (3) filing unit certificate (business license, tax registration, organization code, billing and banking information, the relevant departments
Responsible for contact information)
(4) Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Tai Wei Zhida review
(5) through the audit signed agency agreements, issuing authorization certificates
Second, the agent qualification requirements:
(1) has a legitimate legal personality or business entities that can independently bear civil liability;
(2) have the necessary equipment fixed office space, Internet communications and marketing staff trained;
(3) have a certain financial strength to ensure the normal development of agency business;
(4) those who want to sell in the local brands or products, and agree philosophy Beijing Tai Wei Zhida Instrument Technology Limited;
(5) channel development and management experience, a certain amount of sales channels;
(6) be familiar with terminal sales, promotional activities have terminal experience;
(7) in the local good business reputation and good social relations;
(8) can produce and submit a business license and proof of qualifications to Beijing Tai Wei Zhida Instrument Technology Limited.
Third, agents classification
Special areas (1) a product of general agents
(2) a special area of ​​Gold products Acting
(3) certain brands of regional general agent
(4) certain brands of regional gold agent
Fourth, the agent platform Benefits
1, the company is headquartered on various sales agents will give strong all-round support and help each other and jointly develop new markets, promote sales,
The market development closely alliance between Beijing Tai Wei Zhida Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. and the agents distributors, to achieve a win-win business operations.
2. Product Support: Provides excellent product quality niche products
3, own site: direct agents and subagent of the agent can post product information and pictures uploaded to their own website.
4, independent sales: All products can be independent agents after sales.
5, unlimited level proxy: proxy name can then open subagent subagent can also be opened under the name of the agent, unlimited levels.
6, price setting: agents and sub-agents can give the user name and the name of the proxy settings selling price of each product.
7, training support: provide sales training and sales management system guidance.
8, ad-supported: provide a wide range of promotional materials
9, promotional support: with the agent's promotional activities and promotional activities, such as training activities.
10. Financial Management: Beijing Tai Wei Zhida Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. the first time after receiving the payment agent to give delivery.
11, under the same conditions, to ensure that agents Beijing Tai Wei Zhida Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. Other products agents companies have priority.
12, support services: Provides pre-sale and after-sales service, to help agents resolve customer complaints.
Contact information:
Contact: Miss Li
Tel: 010-87910846
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