502 series RF admittance level switch

502 series universal RF admittance level switch make of sensor probe, electrical measurement and control unit, protection shell. The switch meter is complied with RF admittance measurement rule to measure point level, widely used to control the limit level and alarm automatically in power generated, petroleum, chemical, petrochemical, metallurgy, food, pharmacy, etc..


Strong universality:measuring liquid or material level, meeting different requirements in temperature, pressure, medium. Maximum temperature can be 815℃,pressure can be 28MPa, and can be applied to many fields such as corrosive, strong impact environment and so on.

Anti hanging material: unique circuit design and sensor structure ensure that measurement doesn’t be effected by sensor hanging material, and doesn’t clean regularly, and maintain free.

Maintain free:elements aren’t movable during the measurement process and mechanical part damaging shouldn’t occur.
Anti-jam: contacting measurement, strong ability to be anti-jam to challenge the effect of steam, foam, and mixing.

Accuracy and reliability: abundant parameters can be measured. The measurement isn’t affected by environment change, and more accurate and reliable data can be acquired.

Typical applications

Conducting and non conducting liquid: chemical, petroleum, wastewater treatment
Conducting and non conducting slurry: paper plant, pharmacy, wastewater treatment
Grain, powder, ashes: metallurgy, coal mine, power generated, cement

Technology performance

Output:  DPDT relay, double - pole, single - throw switch

Container of contacting point:  240VAC/2A non-inductance; 120VAC/5A non-inductance

Power supply:  240V±50VAC, 50/60Hz(optional)

                           15~30VDC(optional), maximum value is 5W

Environment temperature:  -40℃~62℃

Medium temperature:  -80℃~200℃, maximum value is 815℃ (optional)

Response time:  0.2s(standard); 0~90s adjustable(optional)

Electrostatic protection:  standard 10A for sensor, for protection circuit is 100A

Resolution:  0.3pF or less

Repeatability: 〈1mm (0.04″) for inductive material

                   〈20mm (0.79″) for insulating material

Alarm:  HLFS (higher level alarm) or LIFS (lower level alarm) can be set

Electrical port:  3/4″NPT

Cable:  the exclusive cable standard between split type electronic unit and sensor is 5m, maximum length is 50m.

Process connection:  3/4″NPT screw(standard), flange mounting is optional

Outer shell:  protection standard complies with NEMA1-5, 4X, and 12&13(IP65),explosion proof complies with zone 1, zone 2 requirement.

Explosion proof:  the grade of explosion proof zone: cable and sensor element meet intrinsic safe grade for all groups in zone 1 and zone 2; circuit units powered by intrinsic safe power meet intrinsic safe grade for all groups in zone 1 and zone 2; circuit in explosive shell meets intrinsic safe grade for all groups in zone 1 and zone 2.



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