TV200 single vibrating rod level switch

TV200 highly sensitive single vibrating rod level switch mainly is mainly used in many industries to control or alarm level of solid material and liquid level. Rounded and smooth probe can anti clipping material and pasting material very well, and keep working reliably under the condition of having more hanging material. TV200 can’t be affected by the electronic nature of measured material, and can be put into using with no adjusting after the switch is mounted. The meter is widely used in many fields such as petrochemical, power generated, metallurgy, textile, light industry, food, medical, and so on.


  * Rounded and smooth single probe to prevent clipping or pasting material

  * Cleaning surface by self-vibration, can be used with no waiting and correction after mounting

  * TV200 can’t be affected by the electronic nature of measured material, sensitivity level is adjustable

  * No movable element. firm stainless steel probe can endure impaction and wear.

  * Anti-jam, anti corrosive, and endurance of over pressure

Technology performance

  Medium: liquid, solid grain

  Power supply: 220VAC 50Hz or 24VDC

  Power consumption: about 3 W

  Vibration frequency: about 300Hz

  Delay time: the time from vibration to stop is 0.5s

  The time from stop to vibration is 1~2s

  Work pressure: -0.1~2MPa

  Work temperature: probe: -30~150℃

  Circuit: -30~70℃

  Output relay: SPDT, single - pole, double - throw switch

  Normal open is NO. Normal close is NC. Common terminal is COM

  Container of contacting point: 250VAC 10A, 30VDC 5A

  Density of medium: minimum is 0.2g/cm3

  Sensitivity: high sensitivity is used in light medium with density in range of 0.2~0.5g/cm3;
                        standard sensitivity is used in normal medium with density in range of more than 0.5 g/cm3;
                        low sensitivity is used to measure viscous medium.

  Humidity effect: no affect in 0~95% relative humidity

  Outer shell: die casting aluminum

  Protection level: IP65

  Electrical port: M20×1.5 female thread

  Process connection: 1-1/2″NPT male thread or flange mounting

  Measurement probe: 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel

  Maximum weight of Probe: 100kgf

  Total weight: standard 2.5kg



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