Pressure Transmitter

TV310 micro differential pressure transmitter

TV310 transmitter is two-wire system technical grade and micro differential pressure transmitter, adopts import micro range, high stable silicon piezoresistive sensors, and special signal processing IC. Stress isolation technology and ABS engineering plastic shell help to be packaged firmly. The differential pressure or pressure entries the positive and negative chambers through φ6 or φ8 gas mouth interfaces, signal after sensor detects is converted to corresponding 4~20mA signal of two-wire system.

TV310 technical grade micro differential pressure transmitter has many advantages such as lower rang, long-term stability, high accuracy, and simple installation/using. The gauge can be widely used in checking wind pressure in pipeline, negative pressure in chamber of furnace, heating and winding system, and other measurement of micro pressure.


  * Two-wire system

  * Good long-term stability

  * Ten times overload

  * single way or two ways differential pressure measurement

  * φ6 or φ8 integration gas mouth interface

  * Simple installation

  * Optional LED digital indicator in field

Technical performance

  Range: details please reference the selection table

  Accuracy: being better than 0.2% under the condition of range〉35kPa

  being better than 0.5% under the condition of range in 1kPa~35kPa

  being better than 1.0% under the condition of range〈1kPa

  Medium: non corrosive dry gas

  Overpressure limit: details please reference the selection table

  Compensation temperature: 0~50℃

  Work temperature: -40~85℃, with LED gauge head in range of -20~70℃

  Storage temperature: -40~100℃

  Temperature coefficient: 0.3%/10℃(in compensation range of null and span)

  Stability: ±0.8%FS/year

  Power supply: 12~36V DC, 15~36V DC with LED gauge head, usually 24V DC

  Output signal: 4~20mA DC

  Maximum load: 50×(power voltage-U)Ω, U=15V under the condition of LED display, usually U=12V

  Star time: 2seconds, no preheat

  Position effect: zero position change ≤0.1% under the condition of deviation from 90°

  Vibration effect: in the condition of 20~2000Hz for peak value of 10g, the affect is less than 0.1%FS

  Humidity effect: no effect in 0~95% relative humidity

  Outer shell: ABS engineering plastic

  Protection level: IP65

  Field indicator: 31/2 LED digital indicator

  Electric interface: Hessman joint

  Process connection: φ6, φ8 integration gas mouth interface

  Interface material: 〈process connection〉brass

  〈measurement diaphragm〉silicon

  〈sealing part〉O ring with Fluorine rubber material

  Size: 150×70×50

  Weight: 0.5kg



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