Pressure Transmitter

ZD100 pressure meter with digital displayer

ZD100 series pressure with digital displayer are based on advanced composite micro silicon solid state sensor technology, micro processor technology, super low power design, and power supply by battery. The meter has simple and elegant appearance, accurate and reliable measurement, direct and clear display, and some other advantages such as anticorrosive, enduring vibration, impacting proof, long life. ZD100 can measure gauge pressure, absolute pressure, and vacuum pressure,and has many mounting types to choose. ZD100 is suitable for using in measurement on line in fields of petrochemical, power generated, metallurgy, etc.


  * high accuracy

  * long term good stability

  * anti corrosive and humid proof

  * 3 times overload capacity

  * install easily

  * both negative and positive pressure can be measured

  * embedded battery and need no outer power supply

Technical performance

  Range: gage pressure (G) 0-0.1kPa~60MPa

  Negative pressure (N) -100kPa~3500kPa

  Absolute pressure (A) 0~35kPa~3500kPa

  Differential pressure (D) 0-0.1kPa~3500kPa

  Span unit: optional user span and pressure units

  Accuracy: 0.2%; 0.5%

  Medium: liquid, gas, steam

  Overpressure limit: 1.5~3 times of user’s range, please referring details in selection table

  Compensation temperature: 0℃~70℃

  Environment temperature: -20~70℃

  Medium temperature: -40~85℃

  Temperature coefficient: 0.15%/10℃ in the range of temperature compensation, suitable for zero and full span.

  Stability: ±0.2% FS/year

  Work power supply: ER14505, 3.6V/2.4Ah, one lithium battery with life of 3~5 years

  Pressure responding: 2s in zero state; 1s in measurement state (optional)

  Start time: 2senconds, no preheat

  Position effect: zero position change ≤0.1% under the condition of deviation from 90°in any direction

  Vibration effect: <0.1%FS under the condition of 20~2000Hz for 10g peak value

  Humidity effect: no effect in the range of 0~95% relative humidity

  Shell material: die casting aluminum (epoxy spraied)

  Protection level: IP 65

  Field indicator: 4 bit LCD display

  Process connection: M20×1.5 or 1/2″NPT male thread

  Wetted part: stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti

   316L stainless steel

   O ring with fluorine rubber material

  Filling fluid: silicon oil

  Size: 80 ×110 ×150

  Weight: 1kg



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