Pressure Transmitter

TV6C capacitor differential pressure transmitter

TV6C pressure transmitter is two-wire system, high accuracy, smart capacitor pressure/differential transmitter, based on the core of advanced differential metal capacitor and micro processor, featured with high performance, good reliability, strong anti-jamming, overload performance etc.

The meter is widely used in many fields, such as petrochemical, metallurgy, power generated, environment protection, science development, machinery industry, military project, food service, pharmaceuticals, paper making, and textile industry, to monitor the parameters of differential pressure/pressure, liquid level, interface level, and density as well from fluid. If TV 6C can be used to monitor the fluid if matching with saving orifice.

TV6C series have kinds of function configurations through three buttons in enclosure and LCD . For instance, zero adjustment and full range adjustment in one-time, pressure or non-pressure to set range, easy switch among 20 display units. TV6S with big LCD screen is easy to read.


  *two-wire system, high accuracy, HART protocol

  *Zero and range can be adjust remotely or locally

  *Range ratio can reach 100:1, usually use 10:1

  *Automatic diagnosis and fault output alarm

  *Non-volatile memory to prevent data loss

  *Long term reliability, easy to install

  *Anti-corrosion, anti humidity, high over-load ability

  *Optional lightening integrated protection junction port

  *Optional multifunction LCD field indicator

  *The whole explosion proof design, explosion proof screws lock cover

  *Meter head can rotate 360°,install easily

  *Double grounded junction port inside and outside to be field grounded

  *Outside hang-tag hole

  *Prompt with junction port on meter case (field terminals )

Technology performance

  Range: 0-0.15kPa~4.2kPa, details please refer the table 1

  Accuracy: ±0.1%; ±0.2%; ±0.5%

  Medium: liquid, steam, gas

  Overload capacity: 4, 7, 14, 31MPa, details please refer the selection table.

  Normal pressure: normal pressure is in the range of absolute pressure of 3.5Kpa to upper limit of range;
                                       for absolute pressure transmitter, normal pressure is in the range of absolute pressure of 0Kpa to upper limit of range;

  Working temperature: -40℃~85℃ (-20℃~ 70℃ with LCD)

  Sensitive part works in range of -40℃~ 104℃

  Temperature coefficient: on the condition of full span, the deviation of per 10℃ refers table 2

  Stability: ±0.2%FS/year

  Volume change: 〈 0.16cm3

  Power supply: 9~45V DC, usually 24V DC

  Output signal: 4~20mA DC with HART protocol digital signal

  Output current: 3.8~20.5A, configurable in 3.5~22.5mA

  Alarm current: lower alarm limit: 3.6mA; upper alarm limit: 21mA, default

  Maximum load: 50×(power voltage-9)Ω

  Star time: 2seconds, no preheat

  Damp: adjustable among 0.2~32s

  Power effect: 〈 0.005%/V of the output range

  Load effect: load change has no affect when power supply is reliable

  Position effect: Maxim 0.25kPa deviation from zero position, and the deviation can be removed by adjust zero, no effect on range

  Vibration effect: on the condition of 200Hz vibration frequency and in arbitrary diamentral,the deviation is less than 0.1%/FS/g, here g=9.8m/s2,
                                                    the vibration effect of range code 2 is less than   0.2%/FS/g

  Structure material: flange, joints, vent valve are all stainless steel;

  isolated diaphragm material: refer the selection table;

  filling liquid: silicon oil

  bolt: galvanized carbon steel

  shell: low cu-al alloy

  wetted part: O ring material is nitrile-butadiene rubber; fluorine rubber material can be supported if some notes have been indicate in contract.

  Humidity effect: no effect in 0~95% relative humidity

  Protection level: IP65

  Explosion-proof: explosion-proof: dII BT5; intrinsic safe: ia II CT6

  Ground state: the screw to ground should keep good connection to ground

  Field indicator: multifunction LCD digital indicator

  Electrical interface: M20×1.5 female thread

  Lead pressure interface: the process connection hole of the container is NPT 1/4, can transfer the NPT 1/2 female thread or M20×1.5 male thread,
                                               the centre distance of interface can changed  to be 51, 54, and 57.

  Filling fluid: silicon oil

  Weight: about 4kg ( accessory is not included)

  Standard accessory: vent valve and specification are matched when meter is shipped



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